How To Download and Install WhatsApp Spy Software

download and install whatsappWhatsApp Spy Software is the latest feature of Imobispy, that lets the user to monitor and investigate the activities of WhatsApp account. Since this spyware needs successfull installation to work better, therefore we have incorporated simple steps to make sure that you get through the installation process in the easiest way.

How Do I Download And Install WhatsApp Spy Software ?

1. The first thing you need to do is check for a competent WhatsApp Spy software, as there are plenty of dupes available online. Make sure you have verified that the software is compatible with the kind of phone who’s WhatsApp you want to spy. Once you have found the spy software that meets all your requirements, choose from its available variants, then proceed to purchase it.

2. After you have purchased the software, check your email account for an email sent by the software provider. The email received, will have further link that will guide you through the installation process.

3. Open the link that you have got within your email, the link will take you to another page, where the user is supposed to enter the details of the target cell phone. This is a necessary step, since this will make the software justify with the mobile phone that will get it installed.

4. After registering the target cell phone, the user needs to get hang of the target cell phone. This is a must step, since the software can’t be installed remotely, therefore you need to have direct access to the referred cell phone. If you are successful enough to lay your hands on the cell phone, then you can proceed with the actual installation step.

5. After you have registered the target cell phone (refer to point 3), you will be sent another link in your email account. Now this is the link that will start the download, but be careful, since this email and the link needs to be opened via the target cell phone browser only. Once you have opened the link in that cell phone browser, the installation will get started, and the process takes a couple of minutes, and you are good to go.

Once the software has been installed, you can login in your user account. The stealth WhatsApp spying software will record each and every activity of WhatsApp right after the installation has completed.

How To Monitor And View The Activities ?

Monitoring will no longer be a manual task, since the WhatsApp spyware will do all the work for you. Subsequently when the software has been installed, all the data can be monitored on your online user account.

  • Login to your user account
  • Go to your dashboard
  • Open the ‘WhatsApp’ category
  • View all the detailed information in a formulated way.

Things to note:

  • The spying software should be checked in for the compatibility with the cell phone you wish to spy
  • You should be able to decide out of the various variants of the software to meet your spying needs
  • The software doesn’t gets delivered to your doorstep, instead the link for software download will be sent via email
  • The spyware does need an active data plan in order to upload the crucial information on the server
  • The spyware also spy on various other activities of the cell phone, which is an added bonus
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