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With this Imobispy software you can confirm all your suspicions.

  • Find out if your spouse is going out with anyone else when you are in office.
  • About employees leaking time sensitive information or otherwise important data about your company to competitors.
  • Your friends are planning something devious against you.
  • Your kids are getting entangled in something dangerous which will harm your reputation and cause them irreparable damage.

Imobispy is one of the most highly recommended spyware because of extremely user friendly interface, extensive features and above all best in the class reliability. As detection of a spyware plant can destroy your relations with the person on whom you are spying reliability is one of the most desired features of a spyware.

Check Out The Cell Phone Spy Features You Would Get with Imobispy!

You can have complete access on the phone, that you wish to spy. This application will remain entirely hidden and and works in stealth mode. Below mentioned are the marvelous features offered by Imobispy. Click on the icons to view the features in detail.

Phone Tracking
With this feature you can track all calls made and received from the person's phone you are spying on. Detailed time stamp is also provided along with dialed/received numbers.

Track sent and received messages
Read all sent and received messages from the phone of the person whom you are spying on. Even if the person immediately deletes the messages it will be stored on a remote server from where you can access it.

Email Spying
You can spy on mails sent through phone. So if your employee is using his blackberry to send discrete messages to your competitors, you can stay informed. You can also feed him false information so that you always stay one step ahead of your competitors.



GPS Trackers
Gps trackers help you track the location of the target user. So once you track the messages and know your kid’s plans of meeting up with someone at a given time, with the help of gps tracker you can find out exactly where. his/her exact location.

Phone Book Access
Gain complete access to your target's phonebook. Whenever there is a new entry you will know and if you find it suspicious you can follow up with that number to safeguard your loved ones.

Url Tracking
Through this feature you can spy all the browsing history of your targeted cell phone user. You can check the URLs through your Imobispy online account.

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Imobispy ( With Additional Features )

Call Listening
This is one of the latest features to be included in Imobispy. You can listen to phone conversations that are made from your target's phone.

Environment Listening
Environment listening allows you to listen all the surrounded voices that comes from your targeted cell phone when he or she is talking on the phone. These conversations will be sent to your unique account and you can listen this whenever you want.

WhatsApp Monitoring
If your target is using WhatsApp messenger to send and receive messages, photos and videos through their smartphones...

Facebook Tracking
Facebook is a social networking site or you can say giant and is used by all age groups users. It doesn’t matter who are your targets. It is pretty sure that all of them uses Facebook.

Viber Tracking
Imobispy can also track the text messages sent and received via viber. It can also track calls made via viber, exchange of photos and group chat....

Blackberry Messenger Tracking
Imobispy is a wondrous spying software that lets you see and monitor the BlackBerry Messenger Chats and conversation. Whatever chats are done via the target BlackBerry smartphone, will get displayed to you.

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My wife was texting someone in the middle of the night and she never let go of her phone. I tried to get hold of her phone but could not as she always clung on to it. So though I had high suspicions I could never confirm it. But with Imobispy sms tracking facility now I know she was texting her brother about some family problem. I can just imagine what kind of trouble our marriage would have landed up in if I had confronted her with my unconfirmed suspicions.
Ryan (Indiana, USA)

All my company's sensitive data was being continually leaked to our top competitors who were giving us a real hard time for the last year. We made new strategies, reformed them time and over but still were being ripped apart by our top competitors. Finally, I installed Imobispy in every employee's phone while they were in a meeting and within no time I found the mole. The leak was immediately combated and thanks to Imobispy.
Jack (New York, USA)

Why You Should Use Imobispy?

of Teens have confessed being lead on by some malefic content online.
of Teenagers have done drugs before they turned 16
of Teens have been raped until they turned 18
of High School Students admit attempting suicide.
  • Imobispy is one of the best cell phone spy software that has abundance of monitoring features.
  • With the help of stealth feature, you can stay discrete and monitor remotely.
  • It is affordable and not much expensive like other softwares.
  • If you are an employer, you can keep an eye on the activities of your employees by installing the app in their smartphones.
  • The app is completely incognito and never appears in the apps of the monitored cell phone.
  • Imobispy has over 10,000 happy customers.
  • It works on all network providers and all smartphones.
  • It is extremely easy to install and smooth to use.

Many things are not as they seem: The worst things in life never are - Jim Butcher (Author of White Night)

Imobispy offers 100% money back guarantee if the app does not work well. Get your refund back in under 30 days of purchase.

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Is Imobispy Easy to Use?

Imobispy is indeed, a simple and easy to install cell phone spy app, you can use Imobispy easily in these three simple steps.

Buy Imobispy

While Buying Imobispy, your information is kept secure and you won't be billed on the name of Imobispy.

Download Imobispy

After buying Imobispy, simply download the app on your target phone; the process takes just couple of minutes to get started!

Login To Control Panel

After installation, login to your Imobispy control panel to view the complete information about the monitored phone.

Imobispy works on All Mobile Phones and Networks around the world

Imobispy works on all major operating systems; it is a cross platform app and works on Android, iOS and BlackBerry.View a list of compatible phones.

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Cell Phone Spy Software

Imobispy is an easy-to-install intelligent cell phone spy software which is made in accordance with various smartphones such as Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. The software is full with exclusive features that make the cell phone monitoring experience complete.

It takes a while to install on the cell phone and once it has been installed it starts monitoring and uploading the information of the target phone by staying discrete. Simply install the app in the target smartphone and start monitoring. Imobispy works secretly in the background of the monitored phone and doesn't interrupt its normal routine working.

With the help of Imobispy cell phone spy app, you can conveniently:
  • Listen to all calls, record them live if needed.
  • Read all text messages, email messages and all Instant messenger chats.
  • Keep your employees and kids under supervision with the help of GPS tracking feature.
  • Record the surrounding of the phone and listen to them.
  • Gain access to all phone contacts in the phonebook.

Get rid of the old methods to monitor somebody and get started with the latest in cell phone spying technology. Highly recommended for monitoring your kids and employee's cell phone activities.

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